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Gordon Ramsay Offers Online Course Through MasterClass

Currently serving as a regional manager with Vectra Networks, a cyber threat management firm, Aric Keck earned his master of business administration from Duke University in 1994. Apart from his work, Aric Keck enjoys a number of hobbies, including cooking.

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay is the newest member of the MasterClass faculty of instructors offering online courses in their respective crafts. While Ramsay may be known for his flamboyant and angry persona on television, he says that this course will be different and will be focused on helping students improve and expand their kitchen skills. Coming in early 2017, the course will feature four hours of content curated by Ramsay and teach basics such as knife skills and ingredient selection, as well as preparation techniques for a number of dishes and how to present them.

MasterClass has made a name for itself over the past two years as an online platform for major names in their respective fields to provide specialized training. Ramsay joins names such as screenwriter Aaron Sorkin, actor Kevin Spacey, and music producer deadmau5, all of whom offer content on the website.


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