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Bright's Creek - A Beautiful Wedding Venue

Aric Keck

Regional manager at Vectra Networks, Aric Keck holds an undergraduate degree from Michigan State University and an MBA from Duke University. Recently, Aric Keck married Jacqueline Peyton Tabb at Bright's Creek in Mill Spring, North Carolina, after a one-year engagement.

Situated in the Blue Ridge Mountains in western North Carolina, Bright’s Creek is a gated community and resort surrounded by a range of attractions, including museums, amusement parks, and equestrian courses. The area is also noted for its natural beauty and features rivers, gorges, and numerous hiking trails. The community also sits close to Biltmore House, the famous mansion and 8,000-acre estate built by George Vanderbilt.

Bright’s Creek also stands out as an excellent location for weddings, corporate events, reunions, and other events. The venue’s breathtaking backdrop and luxurious lodging options at the Bright’s Creek Lodge or the Bright’s Creek Villa ensures that both small and large groups will be accommodated comfortably.


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